Our kitchen usually consists of two or more knives. Many times we keep the knife in the kitchen, but when we go to retrieve it, we do not remember where the knife was kept.. Here in this guide give the complete solution.

If are in a hurry our best picks:

  1. Woodsom magnetic knife holder
  2. Magnetic Knife Strip 18 Inch
Magnetic knife holder
Magnetic knife holder

I’m sure these irritating problems are faced by everyone while in the kitchen. You can get rid of these problems by using a magnetic knife holder.

Well these Magnetic knife holders are a creative and cheap way to store your kitchen tools and knives. Now You pull drawers and search knives and kitchen tools here and there in Kitchen but after installation.

No pulling of the drawers and searching for the right knives or kitchen tools as they are right there in front, stuck onto the Magnetic Knife Holder.

Keeping knives in a drawer can be dangerous because the blades might hurt you when you are looking for a particular knife.

These holders are featured with magnetic strips to hold the knives securely in place and they are hanged in a way that the knives don’t fall down to hurt you. Neodymium magnets are strong enough to hold knives and other kitchen tools.

Magnetic knife bar which boasts an elegant and stylish design to make your kitchen look beautiful. It is a better way to keep knives organized all stored up on the knife holder.

When it comes to shopping for a magnetic knife holder, you’ll want to have your tape measure handy, since knife holders come in many different sizes and different finishes. 

Many knife sets come with beautiful storage blocks made of wood, stainless steel.

  • A magnetic knife holder is a great utility gadget for a kitchen.
  • It helps keep all your knives in one place.
  • It also keeps the knives sharp and prevents them from wearing out.
  • prevents the trouble of an overflowing drawer.
  • It makes for a great gifting option too.
  • It provides a fantastic value, adding style and functionality to the kitchen.
  • This magnetic knife rack can be utilized in many different applications including storing knives, tools, and kitchen utensils.

Here in this guide best magnetic knife holders available in the market today, check them out:

We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 magnetic knife holders for you to check them out?

1. Woodsom magnetic knife holder

Magnetic knife holder

Woodsom magnetic knife holders are a beautiful addition to any kitchen where magnetic storage and organization are desired. You can BUY it in lengths from 8″ on up to 36″ and you can order custom Size from Amazon.

Woodsom magnetic holders are designed to accent decor as a secure wall mounted organizer and to fit in a drawer. This magnet wood bar is magnetic to the very end, allowing for the storage of plenty of knives, kitchen tools, jewelry, or even tools in the workshop.

Woodsom magnetic holders are designed with solid mounting holes in the face to hold it securely to the wall or a cabinet. It comes with a mounting kit for installation onto drywall or cabinetry. The mounting holes are beautifully finished with wooden plugs, adding a bit of charm to the face of the bar. This is a beautiful addition and a great space saver for your home.

Neodymium magnets are strong enough to hold knives and other kitchen tools. This is a great gift idea for the one who has everything.

2.16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

Magnetic knife holder

The Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar makes organizing your kitchen & home. It comes in lengths of 16” and 24”. Magnetic bar Covered in elegant, satin-finished, high grade stainless steel.

Classic knife block has fully strong magnets with a sophisticated look that effortlessly compliments your home décor.

These knife bars are designed with a smooth, stainless steel surface that can easily be wiped cleaned without need to scrub or use special tools to get into hard to reach crevices.

Modern Innovations knife bar will also keep your home a safer place for your kids as it allows you to place your knives high and out of reach, making sure your children don’t get access to them. Magnetic knife bar is also very easy to install with the installation hardware and illustrated instructions included.


4 Easy Steps to Mount Your Knife Bar:

  1. PULL OUT THE PLASTIC SEPARATOR Hold the knife bar firmly against a flat surface. With a strong grip, pull the plastic tab in a vertical motion to remove the separator, taking the baking with it.
  2. IF MOUNTING TO THE REFRIGERATOR attach the knife bar directly to your refrigerator’s surface (without the metal backing). Then you’re ready to begin organizing.
  3. IF MOUNTING ON A WALL use the screws provided to screw the backing into the wall. Use the recessed hole to create your guide marks and drill your holes.

TAP THE PLASTIC ANCHOR(S) INTO THE WALL with a hammer before screwing the mount into the wall. Carefully place your knife bar over the backing. Then you can begin to use it.

3.Premium Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall/Can be attached to Fridge

Magnetic knife holder

HMmagnets knife holder Simplicity is desirable in kitchen accessories like magnetic knife holders, and does it well. It features a modern flattened design, which holds multiple heavy knives with ease. These HMmagnets knife holders come only in one size and can either be attached to the wall or fridge.

HMmagnets used stainless steel in the holder is type 304 steel, instead of type 201 steel used by most brands. The type 304 steel is of a higher grade and offers enhanced corrosion resistance.

Type 304 has a higher corrosion resistance which means that under normal environmental conditions, it has a lifetime durability.

The sleek design and cutting edge stainless steel construction makes this knife holder easy to clean and easy to store all your knives and other kitchen tools.

The bar is designed to  float  on the side of your fridge OR on your wall, hiding the magnets & mounting screws. Magnetic mount and no drilling needed.

HMmagnet UPGRADED their 17″ stainless steel knife bar with heavy duty magnets on both sides, This update provides you with a high quality magnetic knife holder that holds your entire knife set securely and in easy reach on the side of your fridge or any other steel surface in your kitchen.

4. Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip with hooks 

Magnetic knife holder

This knife holder is perfect for those who do not have enough space in the kitchen for separate knives and utensil strips. It has done a great job of keeping both knives and kitchen tools hanging.

In an age of increased global warming awareness, eco friendly is a valued characteristic in any product. Eco Kitchen’s knife strip is a durable, rust-free magnetic

These holders are equipped with 2 strong neodymium magnets for better fixation of your knives and kitchen utensils. These holders come in three sizes 12″, 18″ and 24″.

It is made of stainless steel. It keeps your knives sharp and comes with 4,6,9 hooks to hang kitchen utensils. The hooks are removable and adjustable to slide in your preferred position.

Magnetic Knife Holder made from high grade stainless steel and featuring a powerful Neodymium magnet. It will never rust and never lose its powerful magnetic charge! Modern metallic look will fit any kitchen.

Magnetic Knife Strip Includes additional hooks for your kitchen utensils, saving even more space with style. Adjustable to slide in position where you want them, and are removable too.

Holding the knife holder leveled against the wall at the desired location, mark the spot of the screw holes on the wall. If the knife holder is being installed onto a wood surface, mount the knife holder directly onto the wood, using the included screws.

5.Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic knife holder

Bamboo is a very eco friendly wood that grows to a harvestable height of 60 feet in just 3-5 years (compared to other hardwood like Oak that takes at least 40 years). The extra thickness of 1 inch makes it easy to pull and put the knife back to the rack. The continuous magnet allows any metal objects to be placed anywhere on the bar. Easy installation; simply put two drywall anchors (mounting anchors included) on the wall and hang the bar. It can be used in the kitchen, workshop, office, garage, etc. It’s a unique great gift for anyone.

  • Enhance your kitchen backsplash wall with the beautiful bamboo wood texture
  • Extremely powerful magnetic force keeps all metal products attached ANYWHERE on the 17in bar. No dead zone.
  • Easy fetch and stick the knife back after finishing using. Extra bar thickness (1 inch) for easier grab
  • Bamboo is more durable than other woods because it absorbs very little moisture. It’s harder than Maple but lighter than Oak wood. Bamboo does not stain and does not absorb odors.
  • DOES NOT work with fancy knives that cost over $50. They usually have special metal blends that do not attract to magnets.

6. Navaris Double Sided Wooden Magnet Holder

Magnetic knife holder

These magnetic knife blocks are made by NAVARIS that Keep your home organized with the Navaris magnetic knife holder. With the magnets hidden within the wooden block, you’ll have both the stylish warmth of wood and the convenience of a magnet holder.

These NAVARIS magnetic blocks are double sided wooden knife boards that offer plenty of space for long and short knives as well as other magnetic utensils from the cutlery box compared to traditional knife blocks.

The stainless steel bottom of the block is finished with rubber pads, which make the wooden knife holder non-slip and safer to use than ordinary blocks on your countertop.


  • Place knives with the metal blade on the front or back side of the knife block. Clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Not dishwasher safe.


  • Keep away from all devices and objects that may be damaged by strong magnetic fields, such as pacemakers.

7.Ouddy Knife Magnetic Strip Stainless Steel

Magnetic knife holder

Magnetic Knife Holder for Wall, Ouddy 16 Inch Knife Magnetic Strip, Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip Bar. Most knife holders are made of strong magnets this also made of strong magnet

  • Premium Quality Magnetic Knife Strip
  • Durable Magnetic Knife Holder with Strong Magnetism
  • Easy to Install Knife Magnet-
  • Multipurpose Magnetic Knife Rack –

8. Coninx Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Block

Magnetic knife holder

If you do not want to see your knives and kitchen tools hanging on the wall or sometimes hanging knives on the wall is just not convenient. then these knife blocks are made for you.

The clever technology lets you quickly insert and remove knives, keeping you safe when cooking in the kitchen. It makes it a lot easier to store all your knives. his is the best magnetic knife block we could find

The super strength hidden magnet built into this wood knife block without knives draws the metal tip of your kitchen knife when inserted, thus making it easier, quicker & safer to store your knives. Strength magnet is 1050 gaus.

Magnetic Knife Holder Buying Guide/How To Choose The Best Magnetic Knife Holder For Your convenience

Few things to remember when buying magnetic knife holder size, Material, installation and your budget.


Many people have difficulty choosing the size of a magnetic knife holder, but it is very easy. In your kitchen, see which utensil you want to stick on the holder. Select the right size of the magnet holder according to the utensil. Magnetic knife holders come in many sizes.

A 10-inch holder will be useful for small spaces and limited items. An 18-inch holder is a good option if you have many knives and need them in one place.


Magnetic knife holders come in different materials such as stainless steel and wood. Stainless steel offers a modern, sleek look, and is easy to clean. They are incredibly durable and rust-proof as well.

Wood provides a more natural, contemporary look and comes with its own set of advantages such as wood rather than steel keeps it safe from any potential scratches, easy maintenance and moisture-absorbing qualities.

EASY Installation

Installation is another factor, it only installs one time so not as important as Design and material. Many knife holders are stuck in the wall, while some can be mounted using the hardware that comes with the holder. Choose knife magnet strips that come with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. These types are simple and easy to hang.

If you don’t want to drill holes in your kitchen wall, you can opt for a magnetic knife stand or block. This is like a normal knife block but with magnetic strips instead of slots for knives. It rests on the kitchen counter, with the knives attached to its face.

Types of Magnetic knife holder

1. Wall Magnetic knife holder

2.Magnetic knife block

3.Magnetic knife Strip

Good magnetic knife holders and blocks have their magnetic part hidden inside the wood so they are neat, perfectly safe for your knives and still extremely strong. Good magnetic knife strips hold the knives  firmly on the rack and pull them close with a nice slapping noise.

4.Combined Slotted and Magnetic Block

Some knife blocks have a number of slots on one side of the block, and a flat, magnetized side on the other. The Tojiro Wooden Knife Block with Magnet is one such block. These blocks are very convenient composite is made of natural knife-friendly wood and can accommodate 6 knives in the slots and two additional knives on the magnetic side.

Where To Mount A Magnetic Knife Holder

A magnetic holder is a very useful tool, if you stick it the most accessible place. Some common easily accessible places include:

  • On the refrigerator: Very useful and accessible place. Many magnetic holders are especially designed to be stuck on the refrigerator.
  • Behind the stove: A good option to keep all the knives safely and securely, Since it is a place where cooking is done.
  • Above the sink: The place best-suited for easy access and drying the knives.
  • Inside the cabinet: A good option to keep all the knives safely and securely away from the reach of young children.

Why Magnetic Knife Holders are Better Option

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Kitchen Space
  • Affordable
  • Look Better

How it’s made

These magnet holders are made from strong magnets. Magnetic Knife Holder is popular using our neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are strong enough to hold knives and other kitchen tools.

The construction is really pretty simple. Here are following steps:

Step 1 . Cut Out Required Size

Step 2: Create a Fixture for the Groove

Step 3: Cut the Groove

Step 4: Route the Other Edges and Sand

Step 5: Insert Magnets!

This is our favorite part, inserting the magnets. The orientation of the magnets is important. They should be placed in alternating polarities.

Neodymium magnets are very hard. This process should be done carefully.

Step 6: Adhere the Magnets in Place

Step 7: Install the Block

Once the adhesive is dry and your work is finished, it’s time to install the magnetic block.

Mercer is a well-known brand that makes knives and knife care materials as well

There are many bamboo magnetic knife holders, and steel is designed to use renewable resources while still helping you store knives efficiently.


  • Space is free before the knife assumes space but now all knives are in one place.
  • Finding a knife here and there are free now.
  • Before knives are put here and there but now they all are at one place.
  • now by looks they look premium.
  • They’re low-profile, they can hang on just about any wall, and they look pretty.
  • Make your kitchen look professional.
  • They save space because all your knives are all in one place.
  • You can use the holder to store other metallic kitchen utensils.
  • Your knives and kitchen tools are easily accessible when you need them. There is no need to rummage in drawers looking for knives.
  • They are a safer alternative to drawers.
  • Magnetic knife holders prevent knives from getting dull as they prevent unnecessary friction with other items.
  • You can see all the knives you need at a go. There is no need to keep pulling knives out one by one to find the knife you want.
  • They are easier to clean than slotted knife holders.
  • Perfect for small kitchens & Great way to show off your best kitchen knives.


  • They can be dangerous if you have children or pets with access to the kitchen. This is because the knives are all exposed.
  • There is a possibility of knives getting damaged as they are removed from the rack.
  • The knives can get dirty faster as they are always exposed.


Magnetic Knife bars and strips are an amazing way to clear up a ton of drawer space, streamlining your cooking area, and providing a home for your knives.

I hope our quick guide has helped you find a perfect magnetic knife bar that suits your kitchen.

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The best magnetic knife holders steadily store your knives and kitchen tools and make it easy for you to find them whenever you need to. The right knife bar choice will depend on your preference for size, material, appearance, and the strength of the magnets.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!