Pakkawood is an engineered wood/resin composite material also sold as Staminawood, Colorwood, Dymondwood, and compreg. It is developed in Egypt.

It is not genuine wood it is a synthetic wood commonly used in household products such as knives, cutlery and other cooking utensils that see rough wear.

It is more durable than regular wood because it is quite dense and water resistant compared to regular wood. That’s the reason it holds daily wear and tear. It is available in a wide range of colors.

Composition of Pakka wood

Pakka wood is formed by selecting hardwood veneers and saturating them with phenolic thermoset resins. It becomes very solid and dense through extreme heat and pressure. Pakka wood with a veneer coating that is more durable than regular wood.

Sometimes dyes are added to give natural color. Dye is impregnated into the wood using a vacuum process, and then the resin is added using a very high pressure environment.

The pieces of veneer are stacked and compressed into plywood blocks and will have around 29 wood pieces per inch.

Appearance of Pakka wood

As we have already talked about the pakka wood now we will talk about its appearance. When we look at it, we will find that it can be dyed to resemble a range of natural lumber, including oak, chestnut and walnut trees, as well as foreign species such as zebrawood. Pakka wood has the appearance, weight & grip of hardwood but is far more durable.

The pakka wood looks like real wood, but the distinct difference is that it is available in multicolor colors such as Rainbow, camouflage and bright colors as fuchsia. Glossy natural look finish provided in the utensils and cutlery through sanding and polishing process.

Pakka wood is more durable, moisture resistant than regular wood it is less durable, can splinter, and absorb water.

Pakka wood is a more desirable option for handles. Pakka wood is the best wood for knife handles.

Uses of Pakkawood

Pakka wood is commonly used in kitchen knives but also used in military equipment, razor, Cooking spoons and spatulas. pakka wood knife handles are better than regular wood because of its durability.

Pakkawood Utensils

Pakka wood is made from layers of premium hardwood and infused with chemical-free 100% natural food grade dyes to create colorful patterns and shapes.

Pakkawood utensils are fully nonstick and highly resistant against stains and wilting. These wood will not leave scratches on your cookware, including stainless steel, ceramic, and cast iron pots and pans. Lightweight, yet durable and gentle, these are beautifully designed kitchen tools.

These non-stick utensils are easy to clean and maintain, taking the hassle out of kitchen cleanup.


Pakkawood Care & Maintenance

It important to maintain a pakkawood or wooden handle?

Taking care & maintenance of a knife with a pakka wood handle is not difficult at all. We will teach you how to take care of different wooden handles. This applies to kitchen knives and other tools enhanced with a pakka wood handle. We will teach you how to take care of different pakka wood/wooden handles.

While pakka wood is resistant to water, it is still made of wood and may be damaged. It still does use wood veneer in it and it’s just not good practice to soak it with water and let it set for an extended period of time. Your handles may fading due to wear wood can dry out.

You can prevent these damage using oils yes oiling on handles it prevents cracks because it will become too dry and increases the resistance against changes in temperature and humidity.

How to apply

Drop a few oil on the handle and allow the oil to be absorbed after which we rub the handle with clean cloth. Repeat this process until the wood is saturated.

If wood needs more oil apply accordingly then you will find it is more shiny and looks more beautiful than before.

This repeating process helps the wood to fill the cracks between them.

Which oil apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. is pakka wood food safe

Ans. Pakka wood utensils do not lose their color or absorb foods’ fragrances. veneers of birch wood are treated with a food safe colored resin and are then compressed.

Q. What is Rainbow Pakka wood?

Ans. Rainbow pakka wood is a pakka wood that has a rainbow look to it. It has the appearance and weight of hardwood but is much more durable.

Q. Is Pakka wood Dishwasher Safe?

Ans. No, a pakka wood is not dishwasher safe.